Easily integrate survey questions
in your web apps and emails

Integrate survey questions
in emails and HTML apps

Embed a Net Promoter Score, rating or other single-choice question in an email.

Ask survey questions directly in an HTML app, like e.g. Intercom.

Optionally ask follow-up questions in a full page survey on the Informizely site.

For many HTML apps user-specific meta data is added to each choice, like user ID, email address, first name and last name, if available.

You can add extra custom parameters to each choice, that will be shown on the reporting pages for survey responses.

No setup required: just copy and paste the question HTML directly into your email or HTML app.

Advanced Reporting

Easy filtering to quickly drill down to related answers.

Text analysis of most used words in a interactive word cloud.

Export response data to Excel, or use our REST Reporting API or Webhooks for advanced integration.

Informizely for ...

Net Promoter Score

"How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?"  Use Informizely to show an NPS survey at the right time and track your NPS score through time.

Mobile-Optimized Surveys

Show surveys in a device-optimized manner on mobile devices.