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Active Surveys unlimited unlimited unlimited
Survey Views unlimited unlimited unlimited
Responses 250 / month 5000 / month* 5000 / month*
Domains 1 1* 3*
Users 1 3* 3*
SSL support
Drill-down reporting
Text analysis
Download responses
Google Analytics
REST Reporting API
Widget Control API
Easy integration with any analytics system or other back-end
Survey composition
Number of pages in a survey 3 unlimited unlimited
Skip Logic
Multiple items on a survey page
Add background and (clickable) images to a survey
Advanced styling
Remove Informizely branding
Mobile optimized surveys
Display survey at session time, idle time or page scroll
Display survey at exit intent (exit survey)
Display survey in a date/time period
Show survey based on the number of pre-visits
Advanced visitor targeting (percentage, completed script, etc.)
Specify how often a survey is shown
Target certain browsers, devices and/or operating systems
Target by referring site
Target by user
Target by cookies
Target by custom settings
Email support
Phone support
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* Contact for additional responses, domains and users.

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The number of simultaneous surveys that can be published at any given time.
The number of times a survey can be activated on your website.
The maximum number of responses that you can receive from all your surveys in a month.
The maximum number of different website domains for which you can create surveys.
The maximum number of different users that can access your surveys and responses.
A user can be an account administrator, a site administrator or a site viewer.
The maximum number of question-pages in a survey, excluding a possible "thank you" page.
HTTPS/SSL is supported automatically in all our payed plans.
Our reporting pages are designed to quickly provide you with relevant insights and allow you to quickly drill down to related answers.
Quickly get an overview of the most used words in the answers to a question in an interactive word cloud. The main language is automatically determined and common words are filtered out. You can click on any word to drill down to related responses.
Integration with Google Analytics is supported out-of-the-box. But it is very simple to feed widget events and response data to other back-end systems (e.g. Adobe Analytics, Segment, various CRMs or your own server). Contact to find out more.
You can download the data for all responses received to a file in CSV format, for use in Excel, another spreadsheet program, or in your own systems.
If you have a Google Analytics account, Informizely can record various survey events to that account, adding Informizely's qualitative data to the normal Google Analytics' quantitative events.
Using our MailChimp integration you can automatically add received email addresses to your MailChimp list.
Use our REST Reporting API to retrieve response data from Informizely to integrate in your own systems.
Use our JavaScript Widget API to control the Informizely widget programmatically on your website.
Using our Webhooks integration you can configure an HTTP callback that is called each time a response is received for a survey, making it simple to achieve run-time integration of response data in your own or other systems (like e.g. Zapier).
The ability to skip pages or to show or hide questions based on a visitor's answers to previous questions.
The ability to show multiple items on the same survey page.

By an "item" we mean either a question (text, single choice, multiple choice or Net Promoter Score), fixed text, a button, or a "group of other items". The latter can be used to show or hide all group items at once, based on the answers to previous questions.
The ability to add a background image or any number of other images to your survey pages.

Optionally, an image can have a click action assigned to it. Possible click actions are "open a URL", "call a JavaScript function", "end the survey", or "go to a certain survey page".
The ability to specify the position (top, bottom, left, right or centered) and offset from a corner of the survey widget.
All available styling options: colors, font sizes, corners, opacity, animations, widget position (top, bottom, left, right or centered), and more.
The option to remove Informizely branding from a survey's widget.
The option to display a survey differently on mobile devices than on non-mobile devices.
On mobile devices, a mobile-optimized survey is shown full screen and on high resolution devices the text sizes are adjusted to make the text more readable.
By default, a survey is shown a specified number of seconds after the web page has loaded.
This feature adds the ability to show a survey:
  • when the session time reaches a certain number of seconds.
  • when the user is idle (does nothing) for a certain certain amount of time.
  • when the page is scrolled a certain percentage.
Show an exit survey at the moment a visitor is about to leave a certain page on your site.

Exit intent is monitored by tracking the mouse, which means that this option is not available on touch devices without a mouse.
Limit your surveys to a certain date period or to certain hours, specified in either the visitor's time zone or your own.
Target your surveys to visitors who visited your site a certain minimum and/or maximum number of times before.
This feature adds the ability to show a survey:
  • to a specified percentage of all visitors.
  • to visitors that visited your site before within a certain number of hours.
  • to visitors that visited at least a certain number of pages on your site in the current session.
  • only when another - specified - survey has been completed by the visitor. This makes sure that this survey is not shown to a visitor until he has completed the other survey (which may be dependent on yet another survey).
By default, a survey is displayed until it is completed by a visitor.
This feature adds the ability to specify the maximum number of times a survey is displayed, and to show a survey only once, or keep showing it even when it has been completed.
The ability to target your surveys to certain browsers, devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and/or operating systems.
The ability to:
  • show your survey only to visitors who came directly to your site.
  • show your survey only to visitors who are referred by certain other sites (e.g. a search engine).
  • exclude visitors who are referred by certain domains (including your own).
If your website has registered users, you can use the user's identifying property - e.g. the user's email address, customer ID, or some other identifying property - to target your survey: show it to some or all identified users, or only to unidentified users.

The specified user ID is associated with each response of the user and displayed in the responses view.

The user's ID is passed to the Informizely Widget using the Javascript API.
The ability target your surveys based on cookies stored on your site.
Using Informizely's Javascript API you, or your developer, can associate any number of custom properties ("name-value" pairs) with a response.
Each custom property that is set on a page where a survey is shown is displayed in the responses view for the survey.
These custom properties can also be used to target your surveys against. For example, you can show a survey only when the custom property "shopping-cart-empty" has the value "no".