Informizely Informizely + FullStory FullStory FullStory Integration

If you use FullStory for recording browser sessions of your visitors, Informizely can automatically attach the FullStory session URL to a response of an Informizely survey that is shown while being recorded by FullStory.

The session URL is attached to the response as a custom property ("FullStoryUrl"), which is also exported in our CSV and XLSX export and Reporting API. On the reporting page of the response the session URL is shown as a link that on click opens the recorded session in your FullStory dashboard.

FullStory URL

If FullStory integration is part of your subscription plan it is very easy to set up: go to the "Site Settings" page of your Informizely Site, click "Other Integrations", switch on the "FullStory" integration and press "Update".

Attaching Informizely response data to a FullStory session

It is also possible to attach all kinds of Informizely response data as metadata to a FullStory session, so that it can be used in the FullStory dashboard, e.g. for filtering. If you need help setting this up please contact