Quickly gather actionable insights
using targeted website surveys

Engage your customers
at the right time

Show beautiful slide-in and pop-up surveys and promotions in your website.

You decide to whom and at what time these interactions are shown.

Choose from many advanced triggers and targeting options, like exit intent, page scroll, idle time and button click.

Star and number scores, Net Promoter Score, smiley scale, single and multiple choices, and of course free text answers.

Fully styleable widget, to precisely match your website's style.

Unobtrusive slide-in overlays and attention-grabbing centered pop-ups.

Mobile-optimized widget on mobile devices.

Advanced Reporting

Easy filtering to quickly drill down to related answers.

Text analysis of most used words in a interactive word cloud.

Export response data to Excel, or use our REST Reporting API or Webhooks for advanced integration.

Best-in-class survey builder

Skip logic, conditional item visibility, live preview, and more.

Add multiple questions and other items (e.g. links, buttons or fixed text) to a survey page.

Use background images or add inline clickable images to your surveys.

Easy setup and integration

Works in all websites, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Magento, and all other CMSs.

Easy setup: you're collecting responses in minutes.

Many integration options for other systems and services, among which Google Analytics.

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