All-in-one survey platform

Get in-the-moment feedback
with targeted website surveys

Show beautiful slide-in and pop-up surveys and promotions in your website.

You decide to whom and when these interactions are shown.

Choose from many advanced triggers and targeting options, like exit intent, page scroll, idle time and button click.

Link Surveys

Get deep insights
with full page link surveys

Show surveys of any length on the Informizely site, or on your own website.

Show as many questions, and other items, on a survey page as you like, and add as many pages to a survey as you want.

Distribute the public link any way you want, for example in an email to your users, or as a button in your website.

Integrate survey questions
in emails and web apps

Embed a Net Promoter Score, rating or other single-choice question in an email.

Ask survey questions directly in a web app, for example in an Intercom chat message.

Optionally ask follow-up questions in a full page survey on the Informizely site.

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