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Allow visitors to share ideas, issues and appreciation at any moment.

Unlike other tools Informizely allows you to show any survey at button click. Ask as many questions as you like on a survey page, and show as many pages as you want.

Feedback Button

Empower your users to provide feedback at any time

  • Tie any website survey to an automatic feedback button.
  • Add your company logo to the feedback button.
  • Full control over the feedback button's colors and text, and the survey's position and in-animation.
  • Position the feedback button on the left, right, or bottom of each page.
  • Conditionally show or hide the feedback button using advanced targeting options.
  • Add multiple feedback buttons for different purposes.
  • All the question and answer types that you need, including NPS, CES, CSAT, smiley and star ratings.
  • Fully styleable survey widget. Choose from over 4 million Unsplash background images and add clickable images.

Quick response analysis with advanced reporting dashboards

Survey Response Analytics
  • Advanced charts for analyzing scores, counts, percentages and rolling averages.
  • Text analysis with interactive word clouds.
  • Easy filtering to quickly drill down to related answers.
  • Filter on time range, answers, custom properties, cookie values, devices, and more.
  • Distribute live reports by public link.
  • Export results to Excel or by Reporting API.
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Alexander Krieger

I highly recommend Informizely for the serious optimisation specialist.
Of all tools out there, Informizely offers the best combination of functionality, price and excellent support.

Alexander Krieger Senior Conversion Manager
CrossLend GmbH
Peter Abrahamse

Positive from the first time you use it. Very easy to use and all targeting and customization options that we need are available. I've used this tool for 5 different companies now and haven't encountered any limitations yet. Highly recommended!

Peter Abrahamse Senior Consultant Conversion Optimization
Advanced survey tools

All the tools you need to better understand your customers

  • Advanced reporting dashboard with AI reports.
  • Text analysis with interactive word clouds.
  • Best-in-class AI-assisted survey builder.
  • Many available integrations.
  • Reporting API, Widget control API and Webhooks.
  • Works in all websites, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Magento, and all other CMSs.