Set up Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics integration

It's simple to add the Informizely code snippet to Google Tag Manager. See this FAQ for more information.

If you enable our Google Analytics Integration for your site and also load Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager, you need to make sure that an empty tracker name is specified for the Google Analytics tag in Google Tag Manager.

This is how to do that:

  • Log into your Google Tag Manager account and select the tag that will be used for Informizely Google Analytics events (or create one if it does not exist yet).
  • Click "Track Type".
  • Check the checkbox "Enable overriding settings in this tag".
  • Click "More Settings" and then "Advanced Configuration".
  • Set the combo-box "Set Tracker Name" to "True" and leave the tracker name empty.
  • Click the "SAVE" button.

If you don't set an (empty) tracker name, Google Tag Manager generates a random tracker name for Google Analytics events and the Informizely widget has no way of knowing where to send the events.