My website survey isn't shown
Check the following:

  1. Is the Informizely code loaded on the page where the survey should appear?
    Right-click on the page and select "View source". Search for the term "IzWidget" in the HTML source file.

  2. Is the loaded Informizely code identical to the install code of your survey's Site?
    On, click the "Install code" button of the survey's Site. The code shown on this page should be identical to that on your web page. Especially, make sure that the Site ID is identical (the text after "" and before ".js")

  3. Is the survey targeted to the correct URL?
    Open your survey's edit page and select the "TARGET > TRIGGER" tab. Now enter the URL of your web page in the "Test a URL" edit box. At least one of the survey's URL specification panels should show a green "match" notification. If all panels show a red "no match" notification, you should change the URL specification(s) to include the targeted page.

  4. Is the survey displayed if you force a display on your website?
    Add "?informizely_preview=surveyId" at the end of the URL of the page where the survey should appear (if the URL already contains a '?', add "&informizely_preview=surveyId"). The survey's ID can be retrieved from the URL of the survey's configuration page (it's the text after the last '/'). If the survey is displayed when you force it, you should check all targeting options on the survey's "TARGET" tab. One of these is preventing the survey to be displayed.

  5. Are you using an older browser?
    Informizely surveys will not be displayed on Internet Explorer 8 or earlier versions.
    Is the survey displayed in other browsers?

  6. Is the survey displayed in a new session when you force a refresh of your web page?
    To force a new session and complete reload of you web page, close all browser instances, then open your web page and force a refresh (Ctrl+F5 on Windows, Cmd+R on Mac OS).

If your survey still isn't displayed, please send an email to Please include the following:
  • Your Informizely email address.
  • The survey's name or number.
  • The URL of the web page where it should, but does not, appear.
  • The browser used for testing.
How do I force a website survey to display for troubleshooting purposes?
First retrieve the survey's ID from the survey's settings page. It is shown at the top, and is also the text after the last '/' in the URL of the survey's settings page.
Then open your web page (make sure that the Informizely code snippet is loaded), and add "?informizely_preview=surveyId" at the end of the page's URL (if the URL already contains a '?', add "&informizely_preview=surveyId").
The specified survey will be displayed directly after page load, regardless of its targeting settings.