About Informizely

Whether you want to improve the conversion rate of your website, or get feedback on your carefully crafted Minimum Viable Product, web analytics does not show you the full picture. To get to truly actionable insights, it’s essential to capture the Voice of the Customer.

We believe that asking your online and mobile visitors the right questions in the right context at the right time is key to understanding your ‘Why’ and ‘How’.

Using Informizely, unobtrusive surveys and other interactions are shown in a slide-in panel, based on various advanced metrics, as set up by our customers. The results of these interactions provide insights in visitor behavior and help identify points for conversion improvement, which can be used to drive A/B testing.

This is where our story starts. Informizely interactions can also be used to display tailor-made offers to visitors at just the right time, measure the Net Promoter Score, or build a profile of your visitors.

In contrast to well-known long-form surveys, Informizely enables you to get answers to your questions in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Therefore, our customers work in the field of UX design, product management, online marketing, eCommerce and customer intelligence.

Our solution can easily scale with your needs. Whether you are a startup, medium-sized webshop, or leading eCommerce/Publisher website with millions of visitors a day.
This makes Informizely a global leader in the field of Customer Intelligence and Online Surveys.

The Informizely team is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We work hard to make you smart.

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