Informizely's Data Protection Policies

Informizely takes the protection of your site and visitor data very seriously. We have various policies in place to enforce the safety of your data and the privacy of your visitors.

Data Storage

The Informizely servers and databases are hosted in Microsoft's industry leading Azure cloud, and are physically located in Microsoft Azure's West European datacenter, which is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Microsoft Azure ensures industry strength security and allows Informizely to quickly and easily scale resources when needed. More information about Microsoft Azure Trust, Security, Privacy, Compliance and Certifications can be found at the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

Data Access & Encryption

Data stored in the Informizely database is encrypted both in transit, using SSL, and is also encrypted at rest using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), as are its logfiles and backups.

Access to the Informizely database is restricted by a firewall that only allows access from trusted IP addresses (i.e. application servers). SQL authentication is used at the database level.

Access to all Informizely's resources in its datacenter by employees is subject to Role Based Access Control (RBAC): access is restricted based on the need to know and least privilege security principles.

Data sent from a visitor's browser to the Informizely server is always encrypted using SSL by using an HTTPS connection.

Passwords for the Informizely website are stored encrypted as a one-way hash.

Credit Card Data

Informizely does not store any credit card details for recurring billing. These are securely stored by Braintree, our Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Payment Provider partner.

Data Backup

The Informizely database supports Point in Time Restore up to 35 days, based on automatic encrypted full, differential, and transaction log backups. Full database backups happen weekly, differential database backups generally happen every few hours, and transaction log backups generally happen every 5 - 10 minutes.

Privacy of our customers' visitors

IPv4 addresses of visitors are stored anonymized, by setting the last octet to 0, so that they are not personally identifiable but can still be used for e.g. geolocation purposes. Customers can configure their account to not store respondent IP addresses at all.

Survey respondents are assigned a random unique visitor ID so that Informizely can keep track of returning visitors. These visitor IDs can in no way be traced back to individuals.

Data collected by Informizely is exclusively reserved for use by our customers. Informizely does not use the data in any form without explicit consent.

Cookies used for our customers' visitors

Informizely's survey widget for website surveys needs to store anonymous data about a visitor in order to make decisions about when to show a survey, like the number of site visits and survey views. By default this data is stored in the browser's local storage, so it will not be sent to our customers' server. Our customers have the option to - for technical reasons - store this data in cookies instead of in local storage. In that case the data will be stored in first-party cookies. That means that the cookies are stored on the domain where the surveys are run. History data will be stored in the persistent cookie "_iz_uh_ps_" and session data in the session cookie "_iz_sd_ss_".

Do you need more information or have any questions?

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