Survey Types

Informizely provides three types of surveys that you can use to collect feedback from your customers:

In this article we discuss these types of surveys and how you can use them to gather feedback.

Website Surveys

Website Surveys are (usually) small surveys, polls and promotions, integrated in your own website as a slide-in, pop-up or inline embedded widget. Using advanced targeting options you configure to whom, at what time, and under what conditions these interactions are shown.

For example, a survey can be shown on a certain page 5 seconds after the page loaded, to visitors that visited your site at least 3 times and at most 5 times before and were originally referred to your site by Google. Or, an exit intent survey can be shown at the moment that a visitor is about to leave your site. There are many advanced metrics that can be configured to trigger a Website Survey.

For a Website Survey to be shown in your website, a small code-snippet needs to be added to the web pages of your website.

Link Surveys

Link Surveys are full-page surveys with a public link that directs to a landing page on the Informizely website, where the survey is shown. Like with Website Surveys, you can show as many questions as you want on one survey page, and you can add as many pages as you like. You can distribute the public link any way you want, for example in an email to your users, using social media, or as a button in your website.

Extra parameters
You can add extra parameters to a survey's public link, e.g. a user ID. All parameters will be stored as custom properties and will be shown on the reporting pages for survey responses. A parameter and its value are appended to the link as a name=value pair, where the first pair must be preceded by a '?' and possible others by a '&'.


Full-page surveys on your own website
Do you want to show a full-page survey on your own website, instead of on the Informizely website? In that case you can create a Website Survey and target it to show on a certain page on your website, 0 seconds after page load. On the "DESIGN > POSITION" tab you should select the position icon for "full screen" and you probably want to set the animation setting to "None". For an integrated look you should give your web page the same background color as configured for the survey on the "DESIGN > COLORS" tab. Now you have a link survey with a link to your own website!

Email Surveys

The first question of an Email Survey is asked in an email, or in a web app. Optional follow-up questions are asked in a full-page survey on a landing page on the Informizely website.
Currenty there are 3 types of questions that you can ask as first question of an Email Survey: single choice, 1-N score/rating, and Net Promoter Score.

Depending on the web app that you integrate with, the actual integrated HTML may look somewhat different that what is shown in the preview in the Informizely dashboard. If needed, you can change and style the HTML snippet to fit your purpose, as long as the links in it are kept the same.

Link parameters
When you create an Email Survey you specify the app to integrate with (this can be changed later). On the survey's "Settings" page you can get the HTML snippet that can be used in your app. This HTML snippet contains one link per answer that a user can select. By default, some app-specific information is added as parameters to the links, if available. This can be a user ID, email address, first name and last name. You can remove or change any parameter that you want, and you can also add extra parameters, which will be stored as custom properties and will shown on the reporting pages for survey responses.

Use an Email Survey as a Link Survey
You can also distribute an Email Survey as a Link Survey, in which case the first question will be shown on the Informizely site. The survey's public link is shown when you click the "public link" link on the survey's Settings page.