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What Are Website Exit Surveys And How To Use Them In Your Website

A website exit survey is an HTML overlay that appears when a visitor seems to be leaving your website. Other terms used for such interactions are exit intent Survey, exit intent pop-up and exit pop-up. Some examples are shown below:

Website Exit Survey

The exact moment when a visitor leaves your website is a great - and possibly your last - opportunity to try to retain the visitor or learn why he is leaving.

There are various ways to track when a visitor is likely to leave your site. A simple and effective way to determine this "exit moment" is to track the mouse and trigger a slide-in or pop-up overlay when the mouse is moved outside of the browser window towards the close button of the tab or browser. Since this obviously does not work on devices without a pointing device, like mobile devices and tablets, Informizely also offers a way to detect exit intent by monitoring the user's scroll behavior on such devices.

Use cases for website exit surveys

You can use website exit surveys to:

  • Find out why visitors are leaving
  • Reduce site abandonment
  • Increase conversions
  • Offer promotions at exit intent
  • Newsletter signups

The decision to use a website exit survey to gather information or as an opportunity to convert the person, depends on what your aim is and at which point the visitor abandons the ecommerce conversion funnel.

Conversion Funnel

Let's discuss some typical use cases.

Find out why your website visitors are leaving

If you want to understand why visitors leave your website at a certain page you can use an exit intent survey to ask leaving visitors for their motives, or if they have suggestions for improving your current offer.

Exit Intent Survey

Shopping cart abandonment

When visitors got all the way to filling their cart, it feels frustrating if they abandon your website without taking the last step to finalize their purchase. The visitor has taken interest and most probably understands the value of the product, but something is holding him back. Psychologically this is the perfect time to offer a discount, especially to first-time customers who are on the fence about making a purchase. The discount can come in the form of a coupon code, possibly in return for an email address:

Exit Intent Offer

Pricing page abandonment

Visitors of SaaS websites often leave the website at the pricing page. But what are common reasons for this? Is the pricing perceived to be as too high? Is the provided information unclear? Are there other reasons? In order to get a feel for common reasons you can show a short survey at exit intent, like is shown here:

Exit Intent Demo

You get a chance to gather feedback and use this information to understand what you have to improve on your website. By analyzing the answers you quickly gain actionable insights. Based on the feedback you can design an A/B test to develop a new design of the page that will improve your conversion rate.

Lead generation

If you find that people often leave your website because they didn't find what they were looking for you can use an exit pop-up offering a free consultation in exchange for contact details.
And of course you can also ask for an email address to send your newsletters to:

Newsletter Signup Survey

Informizely for Website Exit Surveys

With a tool like Informizely configuring and publishing a website exit survey is a matter of minutes. You can use background- and other images, add the input controls that you need, use multiple pages, and fully style and position the widget to your liking. The responses will be displayed in your dashboard in real-time.

The Informizely widget works in all websites, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Magento, and all other CMSs.

Alternatives for Website Exit Surveys

Website exit surveys are not the only way to convert - potentially abandoning - visitors, or gain insights in their motives. Besides the exit intent trigger, Informizely also provides various other advanced targeting options to configure the moment when the survey widget must be shown, like time on page, page scroll, idle time and button click.
More about targeted website surveys...

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