Exit Intent Popups In Your Website

Find out why visitors are leaving

Reduce site abandonment

Increase conversions

Offer promotions at exit intent

Reduce site abandonment and increase conversions at exit intent

An exit intent popup (also called "exit popup", "exit intent survey" or "website exit survey") is an HTML overlay that appears when a visitor seems to be leaving your website. Some examples are shown above.

The exact moment when a visitor leaves your website is a great - and possibly your last - opportunity to try to retain the visitor or to learn why he is leaving.

By showing a quick feedback survey at exactly this moment you can get valuable and actionable insights that can be used to further optimize conversions for that page and your site.

By offering a promotion at this moment you can convert a considerable amount of abandoning visitors. For example, you can offer a discount coupon, or ask for an email address to send your newsletters to.

Our blog article about Exit Intent Popups provides a more in-depth discussion of some typical use cases.

Informizely for exit intent popups

With Informizely configuring and publishing an exit intent popup is a matter of minutes. You can use background- and other images, add the input controls that you need, use multiple pages, and fully style and position the widget to your liking. The responses will be displayed in real-time in your dashboard.

The Informizely widget works in all websites, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Magento, and all other CMSs.

Alternatives for exit intent popups

Exit intent popups are not the only way to convert - potentially abandoning - visitors, or gain insights in their motives. Besides the exit intent trigger, Informizely also provides various other advanced targeting options to configure the moment when a survey or popup must be shown, like time on page, page scroll, idle time and button click. More about targeted website surveys...

Reduce site abandonment and increase conversions at exit intent

Alexander Krieger

I highly recommend Informizely for the serious optimisation specialist.
Of all tools out there, Informizely offers the best combination of functionality, price and excellent support.

Alexander Krieger Senior Conversion Manager CrossLend GmbH
Peter Abrahamse

Positive from the first time you use it. Very easy to use and all targeting and customization options that we need are available. I've used this tool for 5 different companies now and haven't encountered any limitations yet. Highly recommended!

Peter Abrahamse Senior Consultant Conversion Optimization OrangeValley