Targeted surveys and promotions in your website

Gaining actionable insights in your visitors' behavior can be quite difficult. Analytics packages show you what they do, but not why, or why not. If you want to increase you site's conversion rate you need to find out what’s driving your visitors, and what’s holding them back. Only then you have a solid base for A/B testing or otherwise improving your website and services.

Using Informizely, you can show beautiful slide-in and pop-up surveys, polls and promotions, integrated in your website. Using advanced targeting options you decide to who, at what time, and under what conditions these interactions are shown. The survey widget is fully stylable, so that you can precisely match your company's and website's style. The responses can be viewed and analyzed in our advanced reporting dashboard, automatically emailed to you, and exported to Excel. There are various options available to integrate with other systems.

Informizely is extremely easy to setup. After adding a small code-snippet to your web pages, your surveys will automatically be shown, to targeted visitors, at the right time.

Informizely interactions are targeted

That is, they are shown at exactly the right time, at the right place, to the right visitors.
For example, a survey can be shown on a certain page 5 seconds after the page loaded, to visitors that visited your site at least 3 times and at most 5 times before and were originally referred to your site by Google. Or, an exit survey can be shown at the moment that a visitor is about to leave your site. There are many advanced metrics that can be configured to trigger an Informizely survey.

Informizely interactions are shown in your website

Visitors don't need to leave the current page. You can show a survey in an unobtrusive slide-in panel, or centered on the screen with a darkened background. Centered "pop-up style" surveys are especially effective for exit intent surveys, while slide-in surveys are more friendly and ensure higher response rates for most other usages.

Informizely is mostly used for short surveys, often used for gaining insight into conversion problems

Most Informizely surveys will consist of a few to-the-point questions, designed to quickly gather feedback and maximize the number of responses.

Feature Overview

Best-in-class Survey Builder

Using our powerful survey builder you can easily create advanced surveys, showing multiple questions and screens.
Our builder supports various question types, among which Net Promoter Score, and advanced features like skip logic, multiple questions on one screen, conditional item visibility, and more.


Advanced Reporting

Our reporting pages are designed to quickly provide you with relevant insights and allow you to quickly drill down to related answers. Responses can be easily filtered and exported.


Text Analysis

Quickly get an overview of the most used words in the answers to a question in an interactive word cloud. The main language is automatically determined and common words are filtered out. You can click on any word to drill down to related responses.


Advanced Targeting

Target your surveys at the right visitors, at the right time.
You can target on referring website, number of visits, URL patterns, custom variables and much more.


Fully Stylable

Our beautiful survey panel is fully stylable, so that you can match your company's and website's style. You can add any number of images to your surveys, configure advanced in-animations, and style colors, corners, font sizes and more. You can also configure the page side and location where the survey should appear: left, right, top, bottom, or centered, whatever best suits your website's design.


And there's more...

Exit Intent Overlays

Show a survey or promotion at the moment a visitor is about to leave your site. Use Informizely exit surveys to discover why visitors aren't converting.

Net Promoter Score

"How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?" Use Informizely to show an NPS survey at the right time and track your NPS score through time.

Mobile-optimized Surveys

Informizely can show surveys on mobile devices in a device-optimized manner, so that the survey is optimally readable and navigatable for all visitors.

Real-time Results

When a user submits a response the results are directly available in your dashboard. Responses can also be emailed to you as they arrive.

Analytics Integration

Informizely easily integrates with your Google Analytics account. Simply enable this option in your site's dashboard is all you need to do. We also provide easy integration with other analytics systems.

Website Integration

You can use custom variables and cookies to drive your survey's behavior. It's also possible to trigger surveys programmatically using our JavaScript API. Informizely also has a Reporting API and Webhooks integration.