Turn emails into simple survey invites

Email surveys

Embed your question directly inside an email

Let your customer immediately tell you what they think without any detours.

They can pick the most appropriate response to your NPS, rating or other single-choice question directly in the email.

Follow-up question

Ask follow-up questions in a full page survey

When your customer clicks on their response in the email, you can take them to a webpage with more questions.

No need for repetitive questions, by integrating custom parameters you’re able to recognize individual responses.


With Informizely’s email surveys you’ll get:

Net Promoter Score, 1-N scores and text choice questions in your emails.

Customizable code that allows you to add user-specific meta-data (like user ID’s, purchase data etc.)

Simple implementation: just copy and paste our generated HTML directly into your email platform of choice.


Advanced Reporting

Easy filtering to quickly drill down to related answers.

Text analysis of most used words in a interactive word cloud.

Export response data to Excel, or use our REST Reporting API or Webhooks for advanced integrations.

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